Emily's Family Workshops

Please check out below for our confirmed workshops we will be releasing more workshops dates throughout 2017.

At Dance Grooves we are not all about our street dance classes, parties and workshops where we focus on increasing the confidence, co-ordination and fitness of your children, as well as making sure they have tons of fun in the process. We fundamentally care about the wellbeing and safety of you and your family. We want to look after our family and yours by hosting informal, interactive workshops aimed to protect you and your children.

We live in a time-poor society where technology is changing all the time. Many of us have big concerns about protecting our children and family from certain areas of the internet and social networks. Emily's Family Workshops are here to help you improve your skills, learn something new, we will provide you with precautions instead of learning about the dangers.

Emily's Family Workshops are run by partners and acclaimed professional coaches and industry experts including Sylvie Garvey - Founder of Computer Fitness, Charlie Billington - Career Coach, Elaine Halligan - The Parent Practice and The Quick Brown Fox. We are constantly working with new experts to bring fresh, current, varied and exciting workshops to you. Emily's Family Workshops are supported by Rude Health which means that whilst you are learning new skills with our hands-on sessions you can enjoy the latest delicious and healthy products from Rude Health.

"I found the Internet Safety Workshop extremely insightful and enabling. The informal and interactive style of the talk were ideal aspects for a family workshop. Sylvie was professional, sensitive and proactive about keeping the family safe. I will definitely attend other workshops."

Shawn - Southfields

"Thanks Emily so much for the fabulous Internet Safety workshop as part of Emily’s Family Workshops! It was exactly what I needed right now with children of an age who are starting to explore the internet!

If you had not have offered this course to me I might never have done it & I learnt absolutely invaluable information. What also made it all the more fun was that you are the perfect host welcoming."

Hannah - Wimbledon

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop on internet safety. It was really informative, packed full of useful tips and as it was in a relaxed and informal environment it was easy to ask questions. I feel much more informed and prepared about internet safety. It was great to come away with an information pack too so I have the resources to hand.
Do put me on your mailing list for future workshops."

Anna - Parsons Green

"The internet safety workshop held by Sylvie Garvey and organised by Dance Grooves was absolutely outstanding. I found it informative and detailed and I enjoyed the open forum format where all of our questions were answered. Sylvie is extremely knowledgeable and can relate to parents’ concerns, being herself a mother. By the end of it, I feel we all learnt how to use a lot of handy tools that make the internet a less scary place for parents!"

Linda - Southfields

"I have just attended a brilliant IT security for children workshop - it was excellent and very much needed.
I came away with some very practical tips which I have already put into practice to keep my children IT safe."

Charlotte - Fulham

"Thank you so much for hosting the workshop, and Sylvie thanks for such an informative few hours. It was jolly worthwhile. Anything we can do to keep our little ones safe :O)"

Emma - Putney

"I thoroughly enjoyed Sylvie’s approach of actually embracing the technology instead of opposing it. She gave us tips to make devices saver for children of different ages to use and reminded us of the importance of communication within members of the family.
I walked away reassured and have since changed the setting of every device we have at home and feel overall more relaxed when my boys ask to work on the computer.
I can definitely recommend the workshop."

Antje - Fulham

"Wow You've hit the jackpot there!!! I LOVE it and especially that brand!!!
You're so very kind and generous with your time and ideas!
Thank you Emily so much."

Louise - Putney

"Our workshop leader Sylvie had asked each participant prior to the event what we wanted to get out of the event and she was therefore able to tailor-make her workshop.
While pointing out the dangers of the internet, we were continuously reminded of the usefulness and opportunity that lies within.

Antje - Fulham

"Sylvie was a very strong clear personable presenter who really knows her stuff.
I picked up some general IT security tips for my husband and I too - so well worth it all round.
Set in Emily's house - a safe informal relaxed environment - the talk was the perfect length for a busy working Mum!
Thank you"

Charlotte - Fulham

"I attended The Computer Fitness course a couple of months ago and found it incredibly insightful and helpful. I have put into use many of the things I learnt from it and highly recommend the course. "

Sarah - Putney

"Sylvie was a very strong clear personable presenter who really knows her stuff.
I picked up some general IT security tips for my husband and I too - so well worth it all round.
Set in Emily's house - a safe informal relaxed environment - the talk was the perfect length for a busy working Mum!
Thank you"

Charlotte - Fulham

"Thank you for a very informative workshop. It was very kind of you to host it in your home and as it was such a small group I felt able to ask even the silliest of questions. I found it incredibly informative and interesting and now look forward to securing the different devices and websites for myself and my daughter.
Thank you"

Julia - South West London

"Thank you for organising the Internet Safety Workshop the other night. Being a mother of three boys between the age of 6-11, this topic is very important and close to my heart. I had attended similar workshops in the past, but was always left more worried and anxious of the perils ahead of us. In harsh contrast, I left your workshop reassured and with a handful of useful and easy to implement tips."

Antje - Fulham

"The course leader was extremely knowledgeable and with children of her own knew exactly the kind of issues we were likely to be concerned about and more importantly, how to set up various safeguards. A small group in a relaxed setting meant it was easy to ask questions."

Diana - Putney

"At Emily’s Family Workshops everyone made us all feel so comfortable! Loved it and really looking forward to doing another workshop soon, fantastically helpful & inspiring!

Thank you!"

Hannah - Putney

"I attended Charlie's last workshop and it gave me the motivation and confidence to focus my efforts. Her book is easy to navigate and the bespoke guidance you get on the workshop is a must for those at the start of their job hunt."

Sarah - Putney

"Sylvie Garvey’s iPhone Workshop at Emily’s Family Workshop was great and I didn’t feel at all stupid asking what might have been seen as some very basic questions!
I Iearned loads. Thank you."

Sue - Barnes

"Great, hands-on workshop delivered by Sylvie, also a mum, who completely understood our issues. I came away, after a couple of hours, feeling that I'm now a lot better equipped to discussed the internet and social media use with my children and I now also have to knowledge to better control the content they can access on their devices, all very clearly described and demonstrated in the workshop."

Ann-Louise - Wimbledon

"After a 2 hour quick moving session the roles will be reversed - you will be the boss and your iPhone will be your willing servant for ever more."

James - SW London

"First of all I just wanted to thank you for such a relaxed and helpful course yesterday. As I have only just obtained an iPhone your tips were so useful and I was pleased to see that others had similar questions which you brilliantly covered! Your notes are also most welcome and I have been going around the house checking pictures with the spirit level- my wife is most impressed!! Both my children (Aged 43 and 41!) feel we are both at last coming out of the “Dark Ages” using an updated ‘phone so the course has helped keep them quiet with my new found expertise!"

Tony - Wimbledon

"I very much enjoyed Sylvie’s Internet Safety Workshop and found it extremely useful. I learned a lot about how to protect my daughter from accessing and seeing unsuitable material on the internet, which must be a worry for every parent, and came away very reassured. Sylvie explained everything clearly, gave very helpful insights on using parental controls on devices and provided tips on how to restrict children’s screen time."

Soraya x - Putney

"Sylvie Garvey’ s iPhone Workshop at Emily’s Family Workshops was very good indeed. There were lots of useful and practical tips on a range of topics including saving time and security.

The small size of the group was great as we all had plenty of chance to ask questions – and I Iearned loads. Thank you."

Sue - Wimbledon

"My thanks also to Emily for making us all so welcome and hosting the event and for the coffee and croissants/cookies-most necessary on such a cold day!

Thanks also for the extra tip below. I have signed up for the newsletter on your website.

If you ever plan to do another iPhone course to include photo sharing etc: I will certainly be delighted to attend. Thanks again"

Tony - Wimbledon

"Sylvie Garvey’s iPhone Workshop at Emily’s Family Workshop was great. There were lots of useful and practical tips on a range of topics including saving time and security. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive.

The small size of the group was ideal – and I Iearned loads. Thank you."

Sue - Barnes

"Sylvie's small & friendly workshops hosted by Emily’s Family Workshops are packed full of useful tips to get the best out of your iPhone.  No question too stupid - we were all soon adept at finding our way around the systems and Apps that have become part of everyday life.  Her handouts are clear and idiot proof. An excellent way to get a better grip."

Julia - Southfields

  • Using Your iPhone Like a Pro: Did you know that an iPhone has more processing power than a rocket going to the moon? If you own or are thinking of getting an iPhone we host iPhone workshops where you can get far more out of your iPhone instead of using it as an electronic filofax!
  • What To Do Next/Redundancy: If you are considering returning to work, especially after a career break Charlie can help you decide what will work best for you and fit in around you and your family's schedule.  Have you recently been made redudant, might you be?  Charlie has pratical tips and advice to help you through what can be a challenging and stressful time.
  • Internet Safety: The web is essentially like a busy city centre train station. You would not drop your child off there on their own without some instructions, rules and guidelines. The internet is the same. During this interactive workshop you will make the changes there and then.
  • The Parent Practice: As a parent we soon realise that our gorgeous children don't come with an instruction manual yet many of us believe we should instinctifly know how to raise our children in a happy, calm and thriving home.  We are delighted to be working with The Parent Practice who will provide you with a toolbox of skills and methods to help us as parents to raise confident, happy and cooperative children.
  • Filming on your iPhone: We would all love to capture those magic moments of our children, especially when we are away on holiday. The Quick Brown Fox can show you the top tips for filming using your iPhone or iPad and how to create that special family movie.
  • Apple Photos & iCloud: Do you have literally 1,000s of photos on your iphone.  Sylvie can show you how to organise your photos, understand iCloud and many other top tips for your photos and videos..

As part of our workshop program we will be releasing details of other courses including, Filming, How to get a job quickly and Interactive Internet Safety Talks for children.

These workshops are currently held in my home in Putney, London, SW15, however we are more than happy to come to you if you would like us to run any of our workshops for you and a group of friends.

Emily's Family Workshops

Protecting Your Children - Internet Safety Workshop

Wednesday 4 October 2017 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

This is where Emily's Family Workshops began when I invited a few friends to come to a workshop in my home and I realised I was not the only one who wanted practical hands-on help. 

Do you worry about your children going online and seeing things that might scare them?  Do you worry about clicking or downloading something which might install a virus?  Do you want to help your kids manage the amount of time they spend on their devices?

This interactive workshop will give you the tools and confidence to put into place an internet safety plan for the whole family.  You will learn what restrictions are available on your wifi and best practices when using YouTube and social media.  A hands-on iPhone restrictions set up is included.

£40 per person (includes 2 hour workshop and refreshments, and take home pack of instructions)

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Use Your iPhone Like a Pro!

Tuesday 26 September 2017 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Do you wish you could use your iPhone for more than just calls, texts and emails?  Do you see other people using their iPhones and wish you knew a bit more?

This hands-on workshop opens your eyes to things you did not know your iPhone can do.

You will learn shortcuts, top tips, Privacy and Security options, Family Sharing so you can share Movies, Music, manage backups, photos, contacts and calendars.  This is a fun but practical workshop.  Take home pack is provided so you can WOW your friends and family!

£40 per person (includes 2 hour workshop and refreshments and leaving as a pro with your iPhone!)

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The Essential Toolkit for Raising Confident and Cooperative Children

Thursday 28 September 2017 10.00 am - 12.30 pm

All parents want to see their children be successful and happy. Many say they also want their children to learn good habits for life, to develop qualities that will serve them well and make them people that we want to be around!  This workshop covers

Effective ways motivating children to want to do their best
How to use words to focus on the positive aspects of your child’s behaviour
Encourage your child to try hard and to persevere
Practical ways of setting things up so that children are likely to get things right
How to help your child see themselves in a positive light and thereby impact their future behaviour

£60 per person (includes 2.5 hour workshop, refreshments & detailed handouts with top tips to take home)

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Apple Photos Workshop on iPhone and Mac

Tuesday 7 November 2017 2017 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Many of us have 1000s of photos on our iPhones, laptops and desktops but we aren't making the most of them.Unleash the power within your iPhone. Hands-on workshop led by Sylvie Garvey, Founder of Computer Fitness.

Sylvie, Founder of Computer Fitness, returns to help you to understand the World of Photos on your Mac and iPhone and get to grips with Photos and learn to make the most of your precious photos.

You will learn how the iCloud library works and how to: import photos and videos, view and organise photos, share photos and video and create projects.

£40 per person (includes 2 hour workshop, refreshments and information pack to take home with you)

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Redundancy by Charlie Billington Career Coach

Tuesday 14 November 2017 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Have you been made redundant? 

Might you be?

Charlie's workshop provides reassurance, practical tips and supportive advice at this testing time, practical tips and advice.  You will explore how the book What to do next? can be a very helpful tool in this situation and how it has helped others at this time.

In addition to this top tips and secrets and recommendations will be revealed to help you use this time as an opportunity.


£50 per person includes Charlie's latest book (RRP £20)

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Preparing for the Teen Years

Coming in Autumn 2017 10.00 am - 12.30 pm

Many parents feel anxious about the teenage years.  Parents need to be able to understand teens and communicate effectively if they are to reduce conflict and minimise impact of peer pressure.

The workshop covers:   
Understanding teenagers’ behaviour
Boosting teenagers’ self-esteem
Engaging with teens so they want to listen to you
Motivating teens so they want to willingly cooperate
Listening actively to encourage teens to talk
Maintaining boundaries that generate respect, foster harmony and instill good values.

Suitable for parents of children approaching the teenage years as well as parents whose children are already teenagers.

£60 per person (includes 2.5 hour workshop, refreshments & detailed handouts with top tips to take home)

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